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At 21Five Capital Advisors, family is a strong value as it is for many of our clients. The deep love for children and grandchildren is the driving force behind the desire to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the future. It's why you've worked hard to instill family values and character in your children and grandchildren knowing it will serve them well both now and for the long road ahead.

For some, the concern of making sure their children and grandchildren are taken care of is held in tension with the concern of if they will be prepared to steward the gifts and resources handed down to them that have come through hard earnest work. The concern is also compounded by the unknown of estate taxes and if their family will truly receive all that they plan for them to receive or be left short.

That's why we are passionate about coming alongside you and your family, learning your story and what is most important to you and your family. We enjoy gathering your team of experts together, working alongside them and you to create a plan for you and your children in light of the resources that have been entrusted to you making sure it works as efficiently for you now as it will for them in the years to come. We will continually revisit the plan so it stays on track and adjusts as the family and grandchildren grow. For many families, we are happy to serve as a gracious facilitator to get the family conversation started when needed and provide the accountability to put the plans in order just as you desire and in the best interest of each of your loved ones. Not only are we able to build a plan for your later years and your legacy but also offer the same financial coaching to your children and grandchildren, thus allowing your legacy to truly be a blessing to your family for generations and a blessing to you knowing that what you have worked hard to build will be stewarded and put to work for them as efficiently as possible.