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Frequently Asked Questions About Private Client Group

Finding inspiration from Proverbs 21:5: “The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty” we chose to name our firm, 21Five Capital Advisors, because it encompasses our daily commitment and mission. From the beginning, our team has been focused on diligently planning for our clients’ retirement and financial future taking special care to curate a plan that best prepares them for today and the years ahead. Because being good stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to you is of utmost importance to us, we have always been diligent and methodical both in our planning process and with each step in the plan. We believe proper planning affords the greatest chance to successfully achieve our clients’ goals and are committed to listening to your goals and developing a plan together. Throughout the relationship, we will listen, evaluate and re-evaluate the goals and plans with your continual success in mind. This is the best use of our abilities and best serves the needs of our clients.

Yes, I’m thrilled to be one of the founding member firms of the new Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group. Northwestern Mutual is now formally recognizing their specialized group of expert advisory teams that have been providing an elevated wealth management experience for individuals and families for years.

The updates to our look and feel are intended to help reflect our involvement in this new Private Client Group, but rest assured our relationship with you and your family will continue to grow as we move forward together, helping you achieve your goals. This is simply an acknowledgement of our deep partnership with Northwestern Mutual and their recognition of our expertise.

  • This new recognition by Northwestern Mutual reflects our extensive experience working with clients like you, over the years. The creation of the Private Client Group demonstrates Northwestern Mutual’s commitment to investing in capabilities needed to help clients like you get better outcomes and an elevated experience.
  • We are committed to providing you a highly personalized level of service. With the strength and resources of a Fortune-ranked company combined with the specialized expertise and personal attention of our boutique firm, we can offer you a wealth management suite of services and solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Also, as founding member firms, we will have the unique opportunity to help champion key products and services that we believe clients, like yourself will benefit from the most.

  • Navigating the unique complexities and concerns that come with having substantial wealth requires a higher level of skill and a deeper, more expansive relationship that goes beyond your investment portfolio.
  • We’re not afraid to ask you the “tough” questions and help you uncover blind spots so you can invest with even more confidence. We make sure to look at all aspects of your life to help uncover your unique and everchanging goals—giving you a fresh perspective and an edge.
  • We’ll also continue to work with all your existing financial partners to help reduce fragmentation on your end, ensuring your plan and your life are connected as one.

  • 21Five Capital Advisors is uniquely poised to serve you as we combine the strength and deep resources of a top ranked Fortune company coupled with the personalized attention and specialized expertise of our boutique firm. In addition to our seasoned and experienced team we have access to Northwestern Mutual’s Wealth Management Company experts, who are frequently called upon by national news and media outlets. We work closely with them and bring many of their insights and investment philosophies into your portfolio.
  • In addition, we partner with a dedicated team of experts from Northwestern Mutual’s home office that has more than 200 years of combined expertise in planning and designing solutions for high-net-worth clients. This team will work with you and your team of experts, including attorneys, and accountants, among others, to help deliver and implement a customized plan addressing wealth management and preservation, business succession and exit planning, legacy needs, charitable goals, and retirement planning.